The Philanthropic Circles of Albion

Philanthropy, one of the key components of the Albion community, is one of the most undervalued acts. It is the action that goes unnoticed and unrecognized, for countless reasons. But seeing how some of the Albion area giving circles recently had their quarterly meeting, it is important to recognize the generosity of these groups.

Albion Area Philanthropic Women have been giving back to the Albion community since 2007. Every quarter, March, June, September, and December, the women gather each with a check for $100 to donate to a presenting local non-profit organization. The presenting organizations are brought as a guest by one member of the group, but seeing how there are over 100+ women, there is sure to be at least one woman everyone knows. In the latest meeting, INNOVATE Albion and Albion Community Table presented for organizational financial support they needed. Each presenter has three to four minutes to explain the needs that they have, followed by a short time for questions. Seeming how the chosen organization will receive about $10,000, it is important that they explain what the intentions for the funds are.

INNOVATE Albion won the latest round to support their robotics teams. They will not be eligible to be another recipient for another full year. Since 2007, numerous organizations have been the beneficiaries of Philanthropic Women including Kids ‘N’ Stuff Children’s Museum, Forks Senior Center, Blazers Track Club, and the Ismon House, just to name a few. Over the years the Albion Area Philanthropic Women have given over $639,000.

Beyond the generosity of giving, the quarterly meetings are a time for the women to gather and discuss their love for Albion. The have lunch or dinner and announcements on the countless events going on within the community. It is a time for sharing and caring. The women end the meeting by “passing the hat”, an additional organization of choice gets a few donations as the women donate any bit of cash that they can.

In addition to Philanthropic Women, in 2019 a men’s group started up, Men Who Give. Similar to Philanthropic Women, Men Who Give meet quarterly to hear from different presentations from non-profit organizations to donation $100 each. As a recently started group as well as the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, there are about 30 members leading to $3,000 donation every quarter. This quarter’s presenters included the Sister City Committee for the youth trip next year and the Bohm Theatre for Worldfest.

Each presenter had about four minutes to discuss their program and then took questions. Both organizations, Men Who Give and Albion Area Philanthropic Women, determine the recipient by anonymously voting with a small slip of paper. The votes are then counted. The Sister City Committee won the Men Who Give donation, supporting a youth trip to France.

The next giving round for these organizations is in December. I wonder who the recipients will be?

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