Brick by Brick Podcast – Who & What

The Brick by Brick Podcast first started four years ago with Emily Verbeke as the host. The intentions of the podcast were to better understand Albion’s past, present, and future through discussion with community leaders on different topics. Guests ranged from Mark Lelle and his involvement with the Albion Trails, to Jontaj Wallace’s experiences at Albion College as a Albionite and college student.

Four years later, plenty has changed within in our community. Beyond the global pandemic that limited everyone’s ability for work and conversations, people have grown and gotten busy. Now, as the Community & Brand Ambassador at the Albion Community Foundation, I am reimplementing what the Brick by Brick Podcast looks like, or better yet, sounds like. I find the record keeping of our communities’ valuable resources, our people, to be a necessary task for my current role. Brick by Brick will just be another way for people to understand and connect to Albion, by hearing local voices.

With that said, what do you want to hear? Who do you want to hear from? I am looking for your opinion in the topic of Brick by Brick Podcast. What voices do we need recorded in the ongoing promotion of our beloved town?

Click on this link and give me your input. Thank you!

By Cassidy Porter