Superior Arts- The Perfect Handcrafted Gifts

Superior Arts is hosting a holiday pop-up art gallery and sale at 302 South Superior Street. You may be wondering what is so special about Superior Arts? Why should you go visit?

Well, Superior Arts is a project through the Arts Commission in the City of Albion. It is a chance to highlight local artists and work through a variety of themes, sales, exhibitions, and workshops. This “holiday pop-up” features nine artists each in a different medium. There are products as low as $5 to as high as $400.

During the holiday season, it can be stressful to try to pick out the best gift, but there is nothing like a handcrafted gift. That is what Superior Arts is supplying this holiday season. An easy to access location filled with handcrafted goods, guaranteeing something for everyone.

This holiday pop-up artists include Nancy Doyal with handcrafted glass pieces. Deborah Erlandson with acrylic paintings, jewelry, and greeting cards. Robert Erlandson with fractal art. Fractal art stems from mathematic equations that calculate fractal objects into still images, animations, and media. Joan Larsen creates monotype prints and greeting cards. Richard Lewin with mug with his photography on them. Gwen Tabb with eye catching jewelry and gems. Velma Washington creates greeting cards highlighting Black women. Washington highlights Black women of history with different achievements. She creates these notecards with the assistance of Jerome Washington, as he draws each woman. And the final artist is Maddy Woods with ceramics pieces and miniature prints. A highlight of her work is the tiny, miniature ceramics she is able to create on the pottery wheel.

I do have to admit a bit of bias when is comes to supporting Superior Arts, as I have pieces myself in the space. My work includes ceramic pieces ranging from plates and pitchers to large center pieces. Although I am an included artists, the work of the eight other creators takes my breath away. There is such a range of art and creations, that I truly believe it will be hard to walk out of the space without wanting one of everything. And knowing that the pieces are made locally and support local artists, it’s like the cherry on top.

Superior Arts is normally open Thursdays from 11AM to 2PM, Fridays 3PM to 6PM, and Saturdays 11AM to 2PM. They will be closed today for the holiday, however, add Superior Arts to the places to check out tomorrow for Small Business Saturday. The pop-up ends December 16th.

You’ll never know what you’ll find.

By Cassidy Porter