Love Local: Holiday Edition

We have some truly amazing businesses in Albion, from a music store to gift shops and artisans. Along with some great restaurant options. It can be easy to look past some of these places in town. So, I will be doing a Love Local: Holiday Edition, in efforts to help you know just a glimpse of what Albion has to offer this holiday season.

In this Love Local: Holiday Edition series, different businesses in our downtown community will be highlighted through blogs and social media postings. It will be a chance to learn about businesses you may not know about or reintroduce some great places here in town, including restaurants.

The holidays are a time for giving and spreading joy, and one of the most meaningful ways to do this is by supporting local businesses. When you choose to shop locally, you are contributing to Albion’s economic health and strengthening local connections. So, this holiday season, let’s remember that our choices have a lasting impact, and by supporting local, we can help build a stronger, more sustainable, and more connected community for everyone.

So, follow along and stay connected with #LoveLocalAlbion, Holiday Edition! I hope you are as excited as I am to see just a piece of the greatness of Albion.


Community & Brand Ambassador